The Time Traders (The Time Traders #1) - Andre Norton

Ross Murdock, a convicted criminal is a "volunteer" for a secret government project: Operation Retrograde. Unwilling at first, but with increasing fervor, Murdoch becomes a member of the team fighting the strangest battle of the Cold War.

The Russians have infiltrated an unknown era of the past and developed powerful new weapons by utilizing some lost technology. American scientists also have the means to transport men into the past, and it becomes imperative that Operation Retrograde succeed in finding and tapping the source of the Russian's secret weapons.

Murdock and the other members of his team embark on a dangerous and frantic search of almost-forgotten time periods in a Cold War where the Past has become the battlefield of the Future.


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Release date: 1958
Genres: science fiction
Updated: January 18, 2017

The Time Traders :: Series

The Time Traders is also known as Ross Murdock and Time War.

The Time Traders (The Time Traders #1)
Galactic Derelict (The Time Traders #2)
The Defiant Agents (The Time Traders #3)
Key Out of Time (The Time Traders #4)
Firehand (The Time Traders #5)
Echoes in Time (The Time Traders #6)
Atlantis Endgame (The Time Traders #7)