Clash of the Worlds (House of Secrets, #3)5.26

The exciting final book in the New York Times-bestselling House of Secrets trilogy, a collaboration that began with famed Hollywood director Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini and now ends with the addition of new collaborator — popular middle-grade author Chris Rylander.

With their last adventure just barely over, the Walker kids thought they could finally go back to normal. They escaped Dahlia Kristoff, the evil Wind Witch, yet again, and this time, they managed to leave with a mysterious treasure map, recovered from their encounter with the Nazis. But things don’t remain calm for long... Fat Jagger turns up in the San Francisco Bay, and he’s in danger.

With the police closing in, the Walkers’ must figure out how to save Fat Jagger. And when a frostbeast is spotted in Santa Rosa, California, they know something really bad is going on. The characters and creatures from Denver Kristoff’s works are invading the real world!

The Walkers’ must re-enter the book world one last time, to track down three worldkeepers from Kristoff’s books — magical items hidden across fictional worlds that will separate the worlds for good. Faced with some of the deadliest choices they’ll ever have to make, the Walker siblings must fight alone and together, with new friends and old, in order to defeat the Wind Witch and save all the worlds.

This is an utterly gripping, bighearted conclusion to this popular fantasy series.

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Release date: May 2016
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Average rating: 5.26/10
Total ratings: 4
Updated 2017-03-22