A Conflict of Orders

Ian Sales
science fiction > space opera
A Conflict of Orders (Age of Discord #2) - Ian Sales

Casimir Ormuz and the Admiral, at the head of the biggest fleet the Empire has seen since its founding, are on their way to Geneza to meet the forces of the Serpent.

On Shuto, capital world of the Empire, the Serpent has begun his siege of the Imperial Palace.

Ormuz and the Admiral must win their battle on Geneza, and then travel to Shuto to save the Emperor, to save the Empire. But winning the fight and lifting the siege are only the beginning. Still complicating matters is the millennia-long conspiracy which seems to be driving the Serpent's rebellion.

So who is the real villain?

And when it all ends, who will be sitting on the Imperial Throne?

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Release date: October 2015
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Updated: March 24, 2022

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A Conflict of Orders (Age of Discord #2)