Atlantis Fallen

by C. E. Murphy
Release date: April 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

A city hidden for five thousand years.

A man so ancient his early history is lost to time.

A woman who has nothing to lose...

Lorhen, oldest and most ruthless of the immortal Timeless, put aside the sword long ago for a quiet life. But peace doesn't last forever, especially for a man whose age can be counted in epochs, and the mortal life he's built unravels as the Keepers, a society of historians who record Timeless lives, learn that he's been hiding in their midst.

Then an archaeologist's claims of finding Atlantis brings back millennia-old memories, and Lorhen is drawn unwillingly into intrigues aeons in the making — and deadly enough that he may yet face the heartstrike blow that will unleash his power on the world

(updated 2017-01-17)

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