When Shadows Call - Amanda Bonilla

A novella.

Darian Charles wasn't always a member of the supernatural community. Nor was she always an assassin.

As a young woman growing up amidst the Suffrage movement, Darian is dazzled by the prospect of living an independent life. When her aristocratic father marries her off to San Francisco's most eligible bachelor, Henry Charles, she sees the possibility for love and adventure.

But her new life is far from perfect. For years, Darian suffers at the hand of her cruel husband, always yearning for an escape: one that she knows to be all but impossible.

When an enigmatic stranger comes to call, Darian finds herself charmed by his seductive smile and the inexplicable connection she feels. And when he makes her a thrilling — yet frightening — proposition, Darian must decide if she’s strong enough to answer the shadow’s call...

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Release date: June 2015
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy
Updated October 30, 2016

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