The Leopard Resurrection (Leopard King Saga #4) - T. A. Uner

The concluding Tome of the Leopard King Saga. Set to take place ten years after the events in Book 3.

"I have currently suspended writing this tome due to my "retirement" from fiction writing." - T. A. Uner (Aug 11, 2018)

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Release date: TBA | estimate 2023
Genres: fantasy, history
Expectation rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: October 19, 2021

Leopard King Saga :: Series

The Leopard King Saga is a rapidly-growing universe, taking place in 1st Century Rome and on other worlds. It will cover four books, or “Tomes”. "Kill Zombies", "The Bloody Ripper" and "Stone Ram" are intermediary books that introduce three antagonistic characters, and set the stage for Tome 2 and beyond. These three intermediary stories take place on other worlds, but seamlessly connect with the four main Tomes.

Kill Zombies
The Bloody Ripper
Stone Ram
The Leopard Vanguard (Leopard King Saga #1)
The Leopard Stratagem (Leopard King Saga #2)
The Leopard Apocalypse (Leopard King Saga #3)
The Leopard Resurrection (Leopard King Saga #4)