Beast Master's Quest

by Andre Norton
Release date: 2006
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Laris is a young orphaned ex-refugee, gifted with the beast-master ability allowing her to communicate with animals. Her closest companion is a remarkably intelligent and enigmatic catlike creature named Prauo, whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Laris, having made a home for herself with the Quades, a family of Arzor ranchers, has also become friends with beast masters Tani and Hosteen Storm, who help her develop her beast-master skills.

When Laris inherits a spaceship from a distant relative, she realizes that she might now fulfill her dream of finding Prauo’s home planet. But it won’t be easy, and she is relieved when she is able to convince her new extended family to embark with her on a journey into the unknown depths of space.

What Laris and her friends find in space, however, tests their beast-master abilities and threatens their lives. Prauo’s home world is beset by dangers that the intrepid travelers could not have anticipated. It will take all of their talents and experience to get back to Arzor alive.


(updated 2010-09-07)

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