Catseye (Dipple/Korwar #1) - Andre Norton

Deported from his own planet in a galactic war, Troy Horan was permitted to hire out as a daily laborer on Korwar, where he had been relocated. Temporary work in a strange interplanetary pet-shop led Troy to the realization that with certain animals, he could hold wordless communicaton.

Why were these animals being brought to Korwar?

Who was the controlling agent they feared and hated?

The night on which the pet-shop owner was killed, a few of the pieces in the puzzle fell into place. Just enough to involve Troy personally, and force his escape to a dead underground city and a bid for freedom that challanged time itself and the plans of mighty planetary rulers.


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Release date: 1961
Genres: science fiction
Updated: September 07, 2010

Dipple/Korwar :: Series

Catseye (Dipple/Korwar #1)
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