The Shadow Runners (2176 #3) - Liz Maverick

Newgate, Australia: Down Under, anything goes. In the 22nd century, history repeats itself. Part penal colony, part dumping ground for toxic waste, the land is controlled by "the Parliament," a gang of dissipated self-styled aristocrats who rule in a mockery of the English Regency. To survive here, you have to know the tricks. Like Jenny Red. She knows the score. She's been Down and made it out to tell the tale.

But D'ekkar Han Valoren - the bastard son of the Emperor whom Jenny's family was accused of destroying - knows Jenny escaped, and he wants her to take him back in. Okay, maybe she'll help Deck's team of rebels, his Shadow Runners, like he asks. But not because he's holding anything over her - if he tried anything that stupid, she'd give him a taste of steel. No, she'll do it because of what was once between them. Because of the revolution of her heart.

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Release date: 2004
Genres: science fiction, romance
Updated: August 25, 2021

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