Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales

Angela Slatter
horror, short stories
Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales - Angela Slatter

Note! This collection contains eleven reprints together for the first time and a brand new story, “The Red Forest”.

Cover and endpapers art by Pedro Marques.

Winter Children and Other Chilling Tales collects some of Angela Slatter’s finest horror stories to date. From the Lovecraftian laments of “The Song of Sighs” and “Only the Dead and the Moonstruck” to the uncanny notes of “The October Widow” and the stunning new “The Red Forest”, it’s clear that Slatter is, in the words of Stephen Jones, ‘a powerful and eloquent voice in horror fiction.’ Each tale is a darkly crafted gem.


  • Only the Dead and the Moonstruck
  • Cuckoo
  • The Burning Circus
  • Home and Hearth
  • Winter Children
  • Pale Tree House
  • The Red Forest
  • The Song of Sighs
  • The Dead Ones Don’t Hurt You
  • Sun Falls
  • The Way of All Flesh
  • The October Widow

‘Angela Slatter is a powerful and eloquent voice in horror fiction. Every story in this collection is a dark and polished gem.’ ~ Stephen Jones

‘Angela Slatter is one of the treasures of current horror fiction. Her work is darkly magical, lyrical and beautiful, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.’ ~ Alison Littlewood, author of A Cold Season, The Unquiet House, A Cold Silence, The Path of Needles

‘Marvellous stuff! Angela Slatter confronts the darker side of humanity in these bracing meditations on the nature of belief, betrayal and wonder. WINTER CHILDREN AND OTHER CHILLING TALES is a riveting read, and a fine addition to the canon of one of the genre’s fastest rising stars. ‘ ~ Helen Marshall, author of Hair Side, Flesh Side and Gifts for the One Who Comes After

‘Angela Slatter’s stories are enviably original, and told in prose as stylish as it’s precise. Not just disturbing but often touching, her work enriches and revives the tale of terror.’ ~ Ramsey Campbell, author of The Doll Who Ate His Mother, The Hungry Moon, and Told by the Dead

‘Angela Slatter is an international treasure. She blends horror, fantasy and fairy tale to create something entirely fresh, but which feels too like the nightmares half-forgotten when you were a child. ‘ ~ Robert Shearman, author of Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical, Remember Why You Fear Me, and They Do the Same Things Different There

‘Angela Slatter’s wonderful collection is filled with tales of gruelling horror and shiver-inducing dread, often swathed in shades of the darkest humour. You won’t want it to end.’ ~ Tim Lebbon, author of The Silence and The Hunt

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Release date: November 2016
Genres: horror, short stories
Updated: August 23, 2021