Music in the Bone and Other Stories

by Marion Pitman
Release date: October 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories

Music in the Bone — Marion Pitman’s first collection of stories, stories poised to send you over the edge...

He had been looking for sunlight, and there wasn’t any. He was much too young to remember before the dust got between the earth and the sun...

Beneath the turbid ocean, the kraken slept with one eye open.

...the skin drawn tight on the skull. She smiled, and beckoned to me with a skeletal hand...

Sami had a theory: “Speed beyond a certain point isn’t natural. It upsets the waves of reality.”

But when I know – ah, then what shall I know?

"(Marion Pitman’s) stories are about people who discover that the floorboards of reality are much thinner than they had supposed, and in some cases have been removed altogether." – John Dallman


  • Music in the Bone
  • The Seal Songs
  • Amenities
  • Sunlight in Spelling
  • Disposal of the Body
  • Out of Season
  • Washing of the Water
  • Saxophony
  • Looking Glass
  • Christmas Present
  • Overnight Bus
  • Indecent Behaviour
  • Forward and Back, Changing Places
  • District to Upminster
  • The Cupboard of Winds
  • Contamination
  • Eyes of God
  • Dead Men’s Company
  • Meeting at the Silver Dollar
(updated 2016-11-12)

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