Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties

Jan Edwards
horror, short stories
Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties - Jan Edwards

The ghost stories of Jan Edwards

Introduction by David A Sutton. Cover by Peter Coleborn.

Here are fourteen short stories from Jan Edwards, including the BFS award short-listed ‘Otterburn’:

Concerning Events at Leinster Gardens: He handed the maid his hat and replaced it with a coronet of silk holly leaves and tinsel. She gave him only the smallest raise of an eyebrow. ‘Ghost of Christmas Present,’ he said...

The Waiting: She picked up the hem of her night-dress and ran the length of the gallery. She wanted to race them to the door, to greet her father. Why, then, did a tiny part of her hesitate? Why should she be afraid? From the landing she heard the doors of the great hall being flung open...

The Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot: This had been in the planning for a very long time, for centuries – to the where and the when that the Wite had sent her. Across an entire continent to the edges of the Ottoman lands, to a place and time long before the Lightfoot name had ever begun. Her children, and her children’s children, for more generations than she could count, were dust. Only she remained.

From the introduction: “...Ghost stories, adeptly told, often with a sense of locale and time neatly placed within the narratives. Her family history informs and inspires some of her stories. Folklore figures as a focus in more than one story, whether urban myth or historical lore. But ghostly they are and deceptively disturbing.”


  • An Insinuation of Shades by David A Sutton
  • Concerning the Events in Leinster Gardens
  • The Waiting
  • Nanna Barrows
  • April Love
  • The Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot
  • Orbyting
  • R for Roberta
  • Redhill Residential
  • The Clinic
  • Valkenswaard
  • Wade’s Run
  • The Eve Watch
  • Otterburn
  • The Black Hound of Newgate
  • Afterword
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Release date: March 2015
Genres: horror, short stories
Tags: ghosts
Updated: August 18, 2021