The Tundra Trials

by Monica Tesler
Release date: December 7, 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, young adult

In the tradition of Michael Vey and The Unwanteds, Jasper and his friends continue their education as Bounder — and get into more trouble — in this second book in a brand-new series, which S.J. Kincaid called “a joyful space adventure!”

After a shocking secret was exposed during his first tour with EarthBound Academy, when he and his friends learned that Earth Force needed their help in a secret intergalactic war, Jasper is just about ready to get back into space and learn more about being an aeronaut, and a Bounder.

This time, Earth Force has brought them to the remote planet of Gulaga, where the cadets learn that they will be participating in the Tundra Trials: a special, team-based scavenger hunt that will have Jasper and his friends journeying across Gulaga’s frigid landscape to find enough cache boxes to win the competition.

But the Trials are the last thing on Jasper’s mind when he and Mira are chosen to take part in the next step of Earth Force’s plans, fusing with a new tech that will take their Bounder abilities to the next level. The worst part? Jasper is expected to keep the truth from his new friends.

When an Earth Force plan goes wrong, and suddenly they are under attack, Jasper, Mira, and the others are asked once again to do what they can to assist Earth Force in their goals. But with the events from the last tour fresh on his mind, and the new information he’s learned, Jasper doesn’t know that helping Earth Force is the best idea…or what will happen if he doesn’t.

updated 2016-12-07

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