Serpent's Kiss

by Deborah Cooke
Release date: April 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance

One spark can banish every shadow in his heart.

The dragon shape shifter Thorolf is known for an impressive lineage, raw power in battle, and an impulsive indulgence of his appetites. The last has made him an outcast from his fellow Pyr, and even his hunt for their dangerous opponent, the Slayer Chen, hasn’t helped. Beguiled and weakened by Chen’s ally Viv Jason, Thorolf finds himself drawn into a trap, as bait to lure his fellow Pyr to extinction. The only one to come to his aid is a woman he already knows to be a thief — does he dare to trust her with not just his own life but the survival of his kind?

Chandra is a sorceress who has trained all her life for a battle against evil that she knows will shape the future. She has never wasted time on the pleasures of the physical realm, much less experienced passion — until the firestorm sparks between herself and Thorolf, demanding more from her than she ever expected to give. Will the firestorm provide new power, or be a dangerous distraction that gives Chen the chance to triumph forever?

updated 2016-12-01

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