The Curse of the Silver Pharaoh (Verity Fitzroy and the Ministry Seven #1) - Tee Morris, Pip Ballantine

From the creators of the award-winning steampunk series comes a new adventure set in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences world.

Before the Maestro launched his sinister plan to rule to world…

Before the Phoenix Society attempted to unleash the Mechamen on the Empire…

Before Ministry archivist Wellington Books was captured by the House of Usher…

...there was Verity Fitzroy and the Ministry Seven.

They were all orphans, each with their own stories and their own demons, enjoying the run of London. Then they came under the care of Agent Harrison Thorne of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, and a whole new adventure began for them all. Now calling themselves The Ministry Seven, they serve at the behest of Her Majesty in between the odd con job or two.

While Verity Fitzroy loses herself in magical mechanications and fantastical science of London, she harbours from her fellow street urchins secrets of the death of her parents, of a mystery she can't leave alone, and of a power over machinery that both excites and terrifies her.

When an Egyptologist from the British Museum is kidnapped, and the only clue leads to an elite school for gifted, young scientists, the Ministry Seven are called upon to go where their agents cannot. Within the walls of the Delancy Academy, Verity uncovers an ancient evil that could herald the end of the world as well as the truth behind her father’s most trusted confidant.

The Seven set down a dangerous path of intrigue, mystery, and murder; and find that ancient curses are especially difficult to contend with when you have assignments for Chemistry class due the following day.

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Release date: September 2016
Genres: fantasy, alternate historysteampunk
Updated: December 09, 2016