The Mountain (Event Group #10) - David L. Golemon

In 1863 a meeting takes place between legendary war leaders-a secret alliance that will never show up in any American history book. A clandestine arrangement has been struck for a single chance to heal a war-torn nation. The mission is to bring the greatest prize in the history of the world back to American soil - the remnants of pre-history's greatest ship and its most startling mystery. The prize may lie on a mountain top inside the fierce Ottoman Empire, yet the men who seek it are only days away from trying to kill one another.

This is the very first Event that ultimately changed the world and a future that has been clouded with the passage of time. The battles will rage at sea and upon the land-battles with enemies both past and future. Union Colonel John Henry Thomas will come face to face both with his mortal enemies in Southern Gray and a dark entity that has been trapped on top of God's Mountain for a millennium - a murderous entity intent on keeping the secrets of the mountain hidden from the face of mankind.

In 2007, America's darkest agency known to only a privileged few as the Event Group, recruits a man they desperately need for their security. Major Jack Collins is brought to the underground world of the Event Group to learn about the darkest secrets in the history of the world where he is told a tale that brings Collins full circle on why his destiny has always lain with Department 5656.

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Release date: June 2015
Genres: science fiction, thriller
Updated: January 22, 2017

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