Who is killing the street scats of Endelas Ortanos? After running the streets for most of his life, Skerth knows to avoid rival scats and skin traders, but this is something new. These killings are more than random acts of violence. All the victims are nearly fifteen summers old, orphans and outcasts - just like he is. Just like the lost heir to the throne. Dodging the city's Caretakers, a rival street gang, and a handful of pirates working their own dark plans, Skerth trusts no one but his friend and secretive fellow scat, Kiri. Together, they forge unlikely alliances in an attempt to stop the killings. But as Skerth joins forces with a mysterious loyalist and moves further into danger, memories emerge... Ash and roses. A ring. A ball. And familiar faces he can't possibly remember. Or does he?

A YA novel set in the same world as The Song and the Sorceress, but far south in the country of Erados. There are crossover characters between Outcast and the later books in the Song series.

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Release date: January 2013
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy, young adult
Updated 2017-01-16