Scent of Magic (Five Senses #3) - Andre Norton N/A

There is a malevolence lurking within the castle's walls, inspiring brazen treacheries and usurpations... and a foul abduction as unthinkable as it is unexpected. Something horribly strange and forbidden has struck at the dawn of a new day of corruption and terror. And a young girl finds the heightened sense that has been her fortune now drawing her inextricably down into a maelstrom of evil.

Now a great quest is in Willadene's future: a journey to a place of darkness; of tainted covenants and ancient battles of blood and sacrifice when monsters warred with heroes. For the extraordinary power that has molded her destiny is propelling her toward shocking self-knowledge and an impossible rescue in a realm of shadows, secrets, and devastated hope where the invincible lord of abominations reigns.


Category: Fantasy

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Release date 1998
Details updated August 29, 2022

Five Senses :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

The Hands of Lyr (Five Senses #1) 10.00   1
Mirror of Destiny (Five Senses #2) N/A
Scent of Magic (Five Senses #3) N/A
Wind in the Stone (Five Senses #4) N/A
A Taste of Magic (Five Senses #5) 10.00   1