Nanoshock (SINless #2) - K. C. Alexander N/A

Fighting off every chromed-up chumhead looking to raise their standing on the streets is one thing, but when someone with some serious cred ups the stakes on her ass, Riko’s all too ready to take the fight right back to them.

After the events of SINless dropped her cred in the shitter, Riko’s looking at a long haul back – grunt work and corp roster bullshit, which isn’t the safest place to be when most of the merc community has a target on your ass. As Riko works to rebuild her shattered cred, she’s stuck fighting off every dipshit looking to raise their standing on the streets.

But when a corp with some serious pull ups the stakes, Riko’s going to have to take the fight to them, put this nonsense down for good. Nothing is what it seems when corp politics are in play, and another necro blight right where her answers are buried might very well be the end of the life she didn’t know she’d borrowed.

Release date September 2017

Details updated June 27, 2022

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SINless :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

Necrotech (SINless #1) 7.00   1
Nanoshock (SINless #2) N/A