Huon of the Horn - Andre Norton

Huon, Duke of Bordeaux, never suspected that the evil Earl Amaury was busily plotting his downfall. So the young duke fell easily into Amaury's trap – tricked into slaying the Emperor Charlemagne's only son. The earl fed Charlemagne's wrath with lies, and the bewildered Huon found himself exiled from France. His only chance for redemption lay in the completion of four impossible tasks in the land of the deadly Saracens – a quest doomed to failure.

Huon now faced danger that would still the heart of the stoutest knight. First he had to win the aid of Oberon, King of the Elves. Only then could he hope to survive the dark peril of Babylon to take the greatest prize of all – beautiful Claramonde, daughter to the Emir!

But Amaury's deceit was still at work in Charlemagne's heart. Even if Huon could overcome all the hosts of Babylon, his greatest battle would still await…

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Release date: 1951
Genres: fantasy
Updated: February 17, 2013