Never Apart

by Romily Bernard
Release date: October 2, 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

An intriguing, romantic dark contemporary romance perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall, where a girl dies over and over again, but always finds the boy she loves.

Every five days, Grace Freeman dies.

Each time, she wakes in the same inescapable nightmare, falling from parallel world to parallel world, each life slightly different than her first. She’s never alone, though, because Ander Hale is always with her. No matter what Grace’s life is like or where Ander is, they always find each other.

But, no matter how far they run, Finn always finds them.

This Fall is different. Worse. Ander doesn’t remember Grace, but Finn is still coming for them. Grace has to find a way to stop him alone. But stopping Finn means confronting her past. What if every memory of the boy she loves never happened? What if Finn is actually trying to save her? And what if the never-ending nightmare is hiding something so much worse...

updated 2017-10-02

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