Circle's End (Sholan Alliance, #9)
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Circle's End

by Lisanne Norman
Release date: September 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

The ninth and final installment to Lisanne Norman’s military sci-fi Sholan Alliance series.

After years of conflict, the Sholan telepath, Kusac, and his allies must confront the warrior Valtegans on the enemy’s world of M’zull. He faces an impossible choice, one that will have a long-ranging consequences: will he work to rehabilitate the M’zullians, or will his calling as the Avatar of Justice take over and destroy them utterly? Isolated on their world, Kusac and his clan of Sholans and Humans work to destabilize the Valtegan society, posing as the avenging spirit of the long dead Zsadhi. But as they develop the ruse to fool the M’zullians, Kusac worries that he may be becoming more and more like the first Valtegan king with every passing day. If so, can he escape that destiny and chart his own?

His plans will not only take him and his clan into mortal danger, but also his young son Shaidan who has, unbeknownst to his father, become bound up in a plan to destroy the martial spirit of the M’zullians. Can Kusac navigate these dangerous waters and bring all of his family home safely, while also putting an end to the M’zullian threat? Or will the price of victory prove too great even for the Avatar of Justice?

updated 2017-09-04

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I read and loved the first book when it was first released. I wanted more after that without expecting it, pleasantly surprised when the second book came out then eagerly waiting for the others after that. It was a long, hard wait that I kept up with, going so far as to join the forum(s) in eager hope of news when I thought the wait too much. I am a patient person, it was enough to see the author interact with her fans in the forum. This wait was near torture when I discovered this was to be ... (more)

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