Squad 19 (The Tisaian Chronicles #2) - Nicholas Sansbury Smith

A short story.

Squad 19 is a thrilling post-apocalyptic short story and prequel #1 to the novel - The Biomass Revolution.

Welcome to Tisaia – The last hub of modern civilization in a world left scorched by the nuclear fires of the Biomass Wars. Surrounded by a fortress of steel walls and protected by a fierce and loyal Council of Royal Knights, Tisaia seems relatively safe to the average State worker and citizen. A plentiful supply of Biomass powers the cities and food is abundant, but security has come at a terrible cost. The State will do anything to protect its resources, even if it means suppressing the rights of its citizens and deporting immigrants into the Wasteland - a virtual death sentence.

Sasa is one of the young immigrants left for dead outside the safety of the Tisaian steel walls. It is only by a dash of luck the rebels find her. They bring her back to Camp Salvation where she is put to work as a technician, working to purify the camps water in the rain gardens. But more than anything she wishes to fight.

Obi Hepe is the commander of infamous rebel group known as Squad 19. After meeting Sasa he is faced with a tough decision; teach her to fight and risk seeing her killed like so many others, or risk having her run away. With the Royal Knights hunting his squad deeper into The Wastelands, Obi realizes he may not have a choice. He is going to need every gun he can get in a final battle for Camp Salvation.

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Release date: June 2013
Genres: science fiction
Updated: February 16, 2017