Hawkwing's Journey

by Erin Hunter
Hawkwing's Journey (Warriors: Super Edition #9) by Erin Hunter 7.50   2

A thrilling stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series!

Driven out of their home and scattered to the winds, the cats of SkyClan must find a way to piece their Clan back together. But this time there is no Firestar to save them — and their time in the gorge territory may truly be at an end.

Set just before the events of the current Warriors series, A Vision of Shadows, this Warriors Super Edition follows Hawkwing, deputy of SkyClan, on a journey that will change the shape of all five warrior Clans. This extra-long, extra-epic adventure follows in the bestselling paw steps of eight previous Warriors Super Editions — and features the fantastic, eye-catching repackaged series look!

Bonus! Also includes an exclusive Warriors manga short story.

Also known as Firestar's Quest Book 9.

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Release date September 2017
Details updated March 9, 2019

Warriors: Super Edition

Series contains 16 primary works and has 16 total works.

Main series Warriors / Warrior Cats

Firestar's Quest (Warriors: Super Edition #1) 8.42   143
Bluestar's Prophecy (Warriors: Super Edition #2) 8.96   68
Skyclan's Destiny (Warriors: Super Edition #3) 7.82   76
Crookedstar's Promise (Warriors: Super Edition #4) 8.84   45
Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors: Super Edition #5) 8.58   29
Tallstar's Revenge (Warriors: Super Edition #6) 8.16   18
Bramblestar's Storm (Warriors: Super Edition #7) 8.30   13
Moth Flight's Vision  (Warriors: Super Edition #8) 8.80   5
Hawkwing's Journey (Warriors: Super Edition #9) 7.50   2
Tigerheart's Shadow (Warriors: Super Edition #10) 10.00   2
Crowfeather's Trial (Warriors: Super Edition #11) 7.50   2
Squirrelflight's Hope (Warriors: Super Edition #12) 8.70   10
Graystripe's Vow (Warriors: Super Edition #13) 7.80   5
Leopardstar’s Honor (Warriors: Super Edition #14) 7.50   2
Onestar's Confession (Warriors: Super Edition #15) 8.00   1