Black Light Express

by Philip Reeve
Black Light Express (Railhead #2) - Philip Reeve N/A

Zen and Nova have ridden a train from one world to another before. They come from the Network Empire, whose stations are scattered across half the galaxy. But this time it's different. They've passed through a gate which shouldn't exist at all. They did terrible things to open it, they don't know where it leads, and now they can never go back.

Chandni Hansa has just been defrosted from the prison freezers by the new Empress of the Great Network. When railwar erupts around them, the two find themselves running for their lives. But where can they run, when nowhere is safe?

And all the while, the mysterious Black Light Zone is calling them. But as their lines separate and intersect, among trainsong and engine-roar, battle cries and gunfire, will they find a way home? If home even exists any more...

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Release date October 2016
Details updated September 13, 2022

Railhead :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Railhead (Railhead #1) 7.00   1
Black Light Express (Railhead #2) N/A
Station Zero (Railhead #3) N/A