Sins of Her Father

by Mike Kupari
Release date: March 5, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

Privateer Captain Blackwood and the crew of the Andromeda are back in this swashbuckling sequel to Her Brother's Keeper. It’s been fifteen years since Zander Krycek fled his homeworld of Ithaca. Now, exiled against his will on the far-off planet of Heinlein, Zander has left his years as a revolutionary, president of Ithaca, and the Butcher of Jonasport behind him. It’s a quiet life, but not a bad one, and he’s become accostomed to it.

Then a familiar face shows up on his doorstep. One he never thought he’d set eyes on his again. Talia Krycek, Zander’s daughter and a member of the very council that had him exiled, has come to pay her father a visit — and to ask for his help. In the year’s since his departure, Ithaca has descended into abject poverty and civil war. If the planet is to remain starfaring civilization, something must be done, and quickly. Seeing a chance to repair his legacy — and his relationship with Talia — Zander agrees. But in order to sneak Zander back into Ithaca safely, they’ll need a ship and a crew with smuggling experience.

Enter privateer Captain Catherine Blackwood and the Andromeda. Blackwood and her crew have handled dangerous cargo and dicey situations before. Now, they’ll have to navigate assissination attempts, warring factions, and civil unrest. But as all good privateers know, the higher the risk, the bigger the payoff.

(updated 2018-03-05)

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