Galaxy in Peril

by Raymond L. Weil
Release date: January 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

From USA Today Best Selling Author Raymond L. Weil comes the third book in the Star Cross series.

The situation in the galaxy is growing desperate. Every day the Vorn are harvesting world after world to be used as food for their Queens. The Vorn ships are nearly indestructible and destroying every fleet that dares to oppose them.

Lakiam Fleet Commodore Dreen is trying to form an alliance to try to stop the Vorn, but he needs a victory to bring other Protector Worlds to his side.

Fleet Admiral Kurt Vickers undertakes a daring journey to the center of the galaxy seeking a half-mythical race that might just have the secret to stopping the Vorn. However, the mission goes horribly wrong, and he might never see Newton or Earth again.

updated 2017-03-23

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