Magic's Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage #1) - Mercedes Lackey8.00


Though Vanyel has been born with near-legendary abilities to work both Herald and Mage magic, he wants no part of such things. Nor does he seek a warrior's path, wishing instead to become a Bard. Yet such talent as his if left untrained may prove a menace not only to Vanyel but to others as well. So he is sent to be foster with his aunt, Savil, one of the famed Herald-Mages of Valdemar.

But, strong-willed and self-centered, Vanyel is a challenge which even Savil can not master alone. For soon he will become the focus of frightening forces, lenging his raw magic to a spell that unleashes terrifying wyr-hunters on the land. And by the time Savil seeks the assistance of a Tayledras Adept, Vanyel's wild talent may have already grown beyond anyone's ability to contain, placing Vanyel, Savil, and Valdemar itself in desperate peril.


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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 6
Updated: October 07, 2016

The Last Herald-Mage :: Series

Belongs to the series Valdemar

Magic's Pawn (The Last Herald-Mage #1)8.00
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The Last Herald-Mage