Magic's Promise (The Last Herald-Mage #2) - Mercedes Lackey7.00

The wild magic... taking its toll on the land. Many Heralds and Herald-Mages have died fighting to preserve the peace. Even Vanyel, the most powerful of the Herald-Mages is almost at the end of his strength, in need of a respite from the dual threats of war and dark magic.

But for Vanyel, there can be no rest. Not when his Companion Yfandes, receives a summons wshich can't be ignored - a desperate cry for help which draw them both into the heart of a magical holocaust in the neighboring kingdom. Almost overwhelmed by the devastation they discover there, Herald-Mage and Companion must try to unravel this tragic mystery. Is the young Prince Tashir, a newly Chosen Herald who can't control his own magic, responsible for the destruction? Or is Tashir a pawn in a deeper, more deadly game - and, if so, will Vanyel be able to find and defeat the true destroyer before this master of dark powers can strike again?


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Release date: 1989
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 5
Updated: October 07, 2016

The Last Herald-Mage :: Series

Belongs to the series Valdemar

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The Last Herald-Mage