by Jacey Bedford
Release date: October 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionspace opera

The third book in Bedford’s psi-tech series, Nimbus delivers sensational adventure to readers craving smart, striking science fiction.

In a galaxy where the super-powers are the megacorporations, whose net worth is greater than any single planetary economy, and ambitious executives play fast and loose with ethics in order to secure resources, where can good people turn for help? The megacorps control the trade route jump-gates, using as their agents psi-techs, implant enhanced individuals with psionic abilities who owe their lives and livelihood to the megacorps. In effect, the megacorps own the psi-techs. It’s a gilded cage. The psi-techs lack for nothing — except freedom. But there are some free psi-techs who have escaped the clutches of the megacorps.

Ben Benjamin and Cara Carlinni lead the Free Company, based on the rogue space-station, Crossways, and there are rumours of Sanctuary, a place that takes in runaway psi-techs and allows them to disappear quietly. The megacorps have struck at Crossways once — and failed — so what are they planning now? Crossways can’t stand alone, and neither can the independent colonies, though maybe together they stand a chance. But something alien is stirring in the depths of foldspace. Something bigger than the petty squabbles between megacorporations and independents. Until now, humans have had a free hand in the Galaxy, settling colony after colony, but that might have to change now that the Nimbus is coming.

updated 2017-10-02

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