Hard Times in Dragon City

by Matt Forbeck
Hard Times in Dragon City (Shotguns & Sorcery #1) by Matt Forbeck 8.00   1

Retired adventurer Max Gibson has seen better times. Ever since he and his treasure-hunting friends struck it big and called it quits a decade back, it seems like things have slid downhill.

It’s hard enough to scrape by in a sprawling mountain city in which elves and dwarves live higher than humans in every way. It’s worse at night, when the groans of the zombies laying an eternal siege to the city provide a ceaseless reminder that the Dragon Emperor himself is the only thing that keeps the hordes of hungry dead from storming the walls.

When Max is called in to help invesigate the wholesale slaughter of a long-dead dwarf friend’s family, he thinks maybe he’s finally hit bottom. Then the love of his life — the elf who left him when their careers as adventurers ended — walks back through his door, desperate for his help and with nowhere else to turn.

It’s not getting any easier. That’s for sure.

Hard Times in Dragon City is the first novel in the Shotguns & Sorcery setting.

Category: Fantasy Dragons

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Release date August 2012
Details updated April 21, 2017

Shotguns & Sorcery

Series contains 3 primary works and has 4 total works.

Hard Times in Dragon City (Shotguns & Sorcery #1) 8.00   1
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