The Worm Returns - Piers Anthony, J. R. Rain

Way out West, a bad-ass bank robber becomes Earth’s last hope...

Bad Buffalo is a rootin’, tootin’, sharp-shootin’ son of a gun. He’s also the roughest, toughest, meanest gunfighter the West has ever known. In fact, his only friend is a horse named Horse. When Bad Buffalo comes to town, people get out of Dodge. Literally.

But when Bad Buffalo meets Dia the fairy, she begs for his help. Intergalactic worms have returned to raid the planet and suck the Earth dry of its magic. When the magic is gone — and so, the fairies — the Earth will stop turning on its axis.

Bad Buffalo is a reluctant cowboy hero, so Dia strikes a tantalizing bargain with him: If he plugs up the wormholes and saves Earth, she’ll be his gal. Yes, in that way... and in that order.

So, have gun will travel — through space and time and the singularities. But it’s sure going to take a lot of Bad Buffalo’s bullets to plug those wormholes. Can this unlikely pair save the Earth from utter destruction by the voracious alien worms?

In THE WORM RETURNS, bestselling authors Piers Anthony and J.R. Rain craft a rollicking cross-genre tale of an antihero gunslinger with grit and a brilliant faery who must join forces to save the planet. Fans of classic Westerns, magical fantasy and campy science fiction will delight in this hilarious, fast-paced genre mashup about a planet that’s being devoured by a diabolical species — and a true love that transcends the universe.

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Release date: April 2016
Genres: fantasy
Tags: western
Updated: August 17, 2021