Murderous Magick

Michael A. Stackpole
fantasy, short stories, mystery
Murderous Magick - Michael A. Stackpole

Murderous Magick is a collection of New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole's short stories which weave together magick and murder. The stories in the collection are:

Shepherd: A story set in the world of his novel Talion: Revenant

The Adventure of the Red Riding Hood: A Holmesian-style story featuring V. August Lupyne, a humanoid wolf detective and Dr. Woolridge, his (literally) sheepish aide.

The Parker Panic: A weird western story set in the Deadlands universe, in which Nevan Kilbane is in the wilds of Arizona, hunting down a madman intent on creating his own nation in the West.

Looks Are Deceiving: A swords and sorcery murder mystery where the victim isn't dead yet, and the detective is willing to save him, only because he intends to murder him himself.

The Silver Knife: 1923, London; and the oddest entry into the canon of Holmes characters, including German occultists, Russian nobility in exile, Mycroft Holmes and even Jack the Ripper.

These stories, some of which have not been offered in digital form before, would cost $10 if sold separately, but collected here are selling for $2.99.

Bonus: The author had added an essay talking about each of the stories, their origins and inspirations, and plans for these characters in the future.

Five different stories, a sampler to introduce you to Michael A. Stackpole's imagination and legion of characters.

"Mike Stackpole has written an awful lot of copy in his life, so he can draw readily on considerable experience. When he wants to be tough, or whimsical or demented it is not the chore it might be for many another. He's got it all there, ready. And the polish makes it shine." — Roger Zelazny

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Release date: June 2011
Genres: fantasy, short stories, mystery
Updated: May 01, 2017