Something Rich and Strange (Brian Froud's Faerielands #2) - Patricia A. McKillip

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award 1995. Enter the realm of Faerie: compelling, enchanting, and filled with perilous beauty. It is a world most of us visit only in dreams. Now it is brought to vivid reality by acclaimed fantasy artist Brian Froud, co-author of the bestselling Faeries and designer for the films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. In a magnificent quartet of books, Froud and some of the finest writers in the fantasy field explore the wonder and the danger of a world inextricably bound to our own. Brian Froud's Faerielands. They have lived among us for centuries – distant, separate, just out of sight. The fill our myths, our legends, and the stories we tell our children in the dark of night. They come from air, from water, from earth, and from fire. Faeries.

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Release date: 1994
Genres: fantasy
Tags: mythopoeic awards
Updated: January 20, 2015