The Iron Codex

by David Mack
Release date: January 15, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy

Dr. Strange meets Jason Bourne: The wizards of World War II become the sorcerers of the Cold War in this globe-spanning thriller sequel to The Midnight Front

1954: In SouthEast Asia, Cade Martin, hero of the Midnight Front during World War II, chases ghosts and flees his past. In the United States, Briet Segfrunsdóttir heads the Pentagon's top-secret magickal warfare program. And In South America, Anja Kernova hunts fugitive Nazi sorcerers with the help of a powerful magickal tome known as the Iron Codex.

In an ever-more dangerous world, a chance encounter sparks an international race to find Anja and steal the Iron Codex. Anja is hunted by friend and foe alike toward a showdown on Bikini Atoll in March 1954: the Castle Bravo nuclear test, where science and black magic are destined to collide.

(updated 2019-01-15)

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