Already Comes Darkness

by T. L. Greylock
Release date: February 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy
Tags: norse mythology

Treachery and betrayal have robbed Raef Skallagrim of everything except his life and a dying friend. Forced to flee from his ancestral hall while the man responsible for his father’s murder slips out of reach, Raef is hunted into the wildest corners of Vannheim. If he is to reclaim what he has lost before the gods and giants go to war and unleash destruction on the nine realms, he must forge new bonds and bury his grief for everything that was taken from him.

But as Raef plots retribution against those who betrayed him, the war that has raged across Midgard spills into Vannheim at last, threatening to destroy all he has worked for. The seams of the nine realms begin to tear and Raef will have to face the strength of two kings and the consequences of a broken oath.

And as chaos tightens its grip, as the stars begin to fall from the night sky, the vengeance that has eluded Raef and the fate that is seeking him will collide.

updated 2017-05-03

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