Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies (Prosperity, #4)

@ Alexis Hall
(fantasy, alternate historysteampunk)

My dearest Dil,

I fear our lifestyle does not lend itself well to the marking of dates or rites of passage, but I cherish the night on which I first told you my story. Of my birth in Canton and my life in England, and how — at last — I escaped from it to the skies. Of my father’s attempts to make me his, and my struggle to make myself my own. Of airship and auroras, the flying pirate city of Liberty, and how I became who I am.

I’ve tried to write it all down for you as best I can, so you may share it with me again whenever you wish.

Happy anniversary.

Love forever,


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Release date: January 2015
Genres: fantasy, alternate history > steampunk
Updated 2017-05-30