Demon Dei

by L. J. Hayward
Release date: August 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

A cop, a physicist and... an angel (!?) walk into a bar...

At first it all seems like a bad joke to Matt Hawkins, vampire slayer extraordinaire. After taking down a vampire Primal, he’s prepared for serious backlash from the supernatural community. A mob of vampires seeking vengeance or some other Old World nasty thinking to make a name for themselves by taking Matt out. Yeah, nothing of the sort happens. It seems, against the odds, Matt’s managed to scare the baddies into leaving town.

But things are never that simple and Matt should know better than to think otherwise.

When Matt gets a call from PI Erin McRea’s assistant, asking for his help in a personal matter, he knows he should turn it down. Erin doesn’t like him or his dark world of mythical monsters. Work, however, is scarce and Mercy’s getting lazy. So he throws himself, Mercy and Erin into a murder mystery with a suspect straight out of... Hell?

And somehow, Matt has to find the time to help a guy with his not-properly-dead girlfriend...

updated 2017-06-02

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