The Edge (Relics, #3)
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The Edge

by Tim Lebbon
Release date: June 24, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

A diseased town long hidden beneath a lake rises from the depths to become a focus of the war between humankind and the Kin.

Beneath the surface of our world, mythological creatures and their artifacts still exist. As with a rhino horn, a tiger s bones, or a monkey s paw, corrupt people pay fortunes for a sliver of a satyr's hoof, a gryphon s claw, a basilisk's scale, or an angel's wing. These criminals also sell living supernatural creatures, whole or a piece at a time, to be harvested for their supernatural essence. Having become embroiled in the secret world of the Relics, creatures known as the Kin, Angela Gough is on the run in the United States.

Forty years ago the town of Longford was the site of a deadly disease outbreak that wiped out the entire population. The infection was contained, the town isolated, and the valley in which it sits flooded and turned into a reservoir. The truth that the outbreak was intentional, and not every resident of Longford died disappeared beneath the waves.

Now the town is revealed again. The Kin have an interest in the ruins, as do the fairy Grace and the Nephilim leader Mallian. The infection has risen from beneath silent waters, and this forgotten town becomes the focus of the looming battle between humankind and the Kin.

updated 2019-06-24

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