The Lark and the Wren (Bardic Voices #1) - Mercedes Lackey7.42

Ghost and bard...

With the proper schooling young Rune would be one of the greatest bards her world has ever seen. Even if only she knows it. Unfortunately, the daughter of a tavern wench at the Hungry Bear, no matter how talented, doesn't get much in the way of formal training. What she does get is frusrated.

One night, to back up a brag she probably wouldn't have made if she weren't so mad, she went up to play her fiddle for the Ghost of Skull Hill. Everyone knows that no one who has ever gone up Skull Hill at night has come down again. Not alive, anyway.

But when the ghost appears Rune strikes a bargain: if the ghost tires of her playing before morning her life is his; if he is still listening when the sun glints over yonder hill she will have earned both life and a sack of silver. Let the music begin.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.42/10
Total ratings: 7
Updated: December 05, 2016

Bardic Voices :: Series

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