School for Psychics

by K. C. Archer
Release date: April 3, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy

An entrancing new series starring a funny, impulsive, and sometimes self-congratulatory young woman who discovers she has psychic abilities - and then must decide whether she will use her skills for good or... not.

Teddy Cannon isn't your typical twenty-eight-year-old woman. She's resourceful. She's bright. She's scrappy. She can also read people with uncanny precision. What she doesn't realize: she's actually psychic.

When a series of bad decisions leads Teddy to a run-in with the police, a mysterious stranger intervenes. He invites her to apply to the School for Psychics, a facility hidden off the coast of San Francisco where students are trained like Delta Force operatives: it's competitive, cutthroat, and highly secretive. They'll learn telepathy, telekinesis, investigative skills, and SWAT tactics. And if students survive their training, they go on to serve at the highest levels of government, using their skills to protect America, and the world.

In class, Teddy befriends Lucas, a rebel without a case who can start and manipulate fire; Jillian, a hipster who can mediate communication between animals and humans; and Molly, a hacker who can apprehend the emotional state of another individual. But just as Teddy feels like she's found where she might belong, strange things begin to happen: break-ins, missing students, and more. It leads Teddy to accept a dangerous mission that will ultimately cause her to question everything - her teachers, her friends, her family, and even herself.

Set in a world very much like our own, School for Psychics is the first book in a stay-up-all night series.

(updated 2018-04-03)

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