Archanum Manor

by Michael Pierce
Release date: January 2016
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

In Archanum Manor, the vault is opened.

Oliver is finally able to return home, but soon realizes there is no returning to his former life. What has been taken from him can never be returned. All he can do to move forward is continue fighting alongside his father and Mr. Gordon against Kafka Lorne and his loyal family members.

Kafka is eager to further the Lorne family name in Los Angeles like he has done over many lifetimes in the planes above. He yearns to walk amongst a world that will revere him as a god. The day has come to build his new kingdom.

When Oliver learns that Kafka is not the originator of the Lorne family secrets, Oliver becomes part of a whole new campaign. Kafka is not the first of his kind. There is another family. An older family. And finding members of that fabled family may hold the key to stopping Kafka’s rampage and finally putting an end to the reign of the Lorne family.

Welcome to Archanum Manor.

(updated 2017-07-06)

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