The Dark Angel

by Seabury Quinn
Release date: April 3, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, horror, short stories

Today the names of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, August Derleth, and Clark Ashton Smith, all regular contributors to the pulp magazine Weird Tales during the first half of the twentieth century, are recognizable even to casual readers of the bizarre and fantastic. And yet despite being more popular than them all during the golden era of genre pulp fiction, there is another author whose name and work have fallen into obscurity: Seabury Quinn. Quinn's short stories were featured in well more than half of Weird Tales's original publication run. His most famous character, the supernatural French detective Dr. Jules de Grandin, investigated cases involving monsters, devil worshippers, serial killers, and spirits from beyond the grave, often set in the small town of Harrisonville, New Jersey.

In de Grandin there are familiar shades of both Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, and alongside his assistant, Dr. Samuel Trowbridge, de Grandin's knack for solving mysteries - and his outbursts of peculiar French-isms (grand Dieu!) - captivated readers for nearly three decades. Collected for the first time in trade editions, The Complete Tales of Jules de Grandin, edited by George Vanderburgh, presents all ninety-three published works featuring the supernatural detective. Presented in chronological order over five volumes, this is the definitive collection of an iconic pulp hero. The third volume, The Dark Angel, includes all of the Jules de Grandin stories from "The Lost Lady" (1931) to "The Hand of Glory" (1933), as well as "The Devil's Bride," the only novel featuring de Grandin, which was originally serialized over six issues of Weird Tales.


Introduction — George A. Vanderburgh and Robert E. Weinberg
Jules de Grandin: “The Pillar of Weird Tales” — Darrell Schweitzer

The Lost Lady (Weird Tales, January 1931)
The Ghost Helper (Weird Tales, February–March 1931)
Satan’s Stepson (Weird Tales, September 1931)

The Devil’s Bride (Weird Tales, February-July 1932)
The Dark Angel (Weird Tales, August 1932)
The Heart of Siva (Weird Tales, October 1932)
The Bleeding Mummy (Weird Tales, November 1932)
The Door to Yesterday (Weird Tales, December 1932)

A Gamble in Souls (Weird Tales, January 1933)
The Thing in the Fog (Weird Tales, March 1933)
The Hand of Glory (Weird Tales, July 1933)

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