Fiddler Fair

Mercedes Lackey
science fiction, fantasy, short stories
Fiddler Fair - Mercedes Lackey7.34

A command performance by fantasy's grand diva...

Mercedes Lackey has, in a few short years, soared to the peak of the fantasy field, and her thousands of enthusiastic readers clamor for more and more. Now comes a volume demonstrating the wide range of her talent, running the gamut from her beloved Bardic fantasies to urban fantasy set in the modern world; from science fiction adventure to chilling horror. And throughout Fiddler Fair, Lackey's sheer storytelling skill will hold the reader spellbound.

Learn what happens when animal rights fanatics try to "liberate" genetically reconstructed dinosaurs. Follow Lawrence of Arabia into the desert to meet a power beyond human comprehension; and be with King Arthur, reborn into the present day, when he again gains possession of the enchanted sword Excalibur. And, in a very weird encounter of the most bizarre kind, learn why an alien from a UFO took an unusual interest in a battered Chevy pickup truck.

Fiddler Fair is a feast for the multitudes of Lackey fans everywhere – and for new readers, a powerful introduction to the most significant new fantasy writer of the decade.

Short stories include:

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • Aliens Ate My Pickup
  • Small Print (with Larry Dixon)
  • Last Rights (with Larry Dixon)
  • Dumb Feast
  • Dance Track (with Larry Dixon)
  • Jihad
  • Balance
  • Dragon's Teeth
  • The Cup and the Cauldron
  • Once and Future
  • Fiddler Fair
  • The Enemy of My Enemy
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Release date: 1998
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories
Average rating: 7.34/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: September 07, 2010