The Rig
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The Rig

by Roger Levy
Release date: May 8, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

An astounding SF thriller for fans of Adrian Tchaikovsky, Neal Stephenson, Alastair Reynolds and David Mitchell.

"Guaranteed to blow your mind." - Lavie Tidhar.

"A tour de force... Read it and discover what you've been missing" - Adam Roberts.

On a desert planet, two boys meet, sparking a friendship that will change human society forever.

On the windswept world of Bleak, a string of murders lead a writer to a story with unbelievable ramifications.

One man survives the vicious attacks, but is left with a morbid fascination with death; the perfect candidate for the perilous job of working on a rig.

Welcome to the System. Here the concept of a god has been abandoned, and a new faith pervades: AfterLife, a social media platform that allows subscribers a chance at resurrection, based on the votes of other users.

So many Lives, forever interlinked, and one structure at the centre of it all: the rig.

(updated 2018-05-08)

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