Heart and Soul (Magical British Empire #3) - Sarah A. Hoyt

Within the magical realm of a Victorian British Empire that never was, one man embarks on a fantastic mission that dates back to the first true king of Europe and that may determine the fate of the last true emperor of China – and the world.

When Nigel Oldhall hires on to pilot a magic carpetship under the name of Enoch Jones, it seems the perfect way for him to travel without attracting attention. For the English nobleman has in his possession the two most powerful jewels in the universe.  His mission is to return them to their shrine in deepest Africa, restoring order to the world – and to his life. But he doesn’t count on being attacked by Chinese pirates – or being held captive by a shape-shifting beauty...

Daughter of the Dragon King, sister of the new True Emperor of All Under Heaven, Red Jade is also on a mission: to reclaim the royal status stolen from her family by invaders. Since their expulsion, they have ruled only a mystical shadow-realm. Now, with the jewels in her sight, Red Jade has the chance to rule all. But she soon finds herself, and Enoch, trapped in a scheme that may cause her to change loyalties – and discover her heart’s true destiny.

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Release date: October 22, 2008
Genres: fantasy, alternate history
Updated: June 19, 2017