Goblin (Earthling Halloween Series #13) - Josh Malerman

From the celebrated author of Bird Box and Black Mad Wheel, a very special 13th book in Earthling’s annual Halloween Series.

A MAN IN SLICES A young man wants to prove to his long-distance girlfriend that they have “legendary love,” better than Vincent van Gogh, so he sends her more than just his ear.

KAMP A man horrified of encountering a ghost sets up a series of “ghost traps” all over his apartment, desperate to catch one before it can sneak up on him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUNTER! Big game hunter Neal Nash leaves his own meat-themed birthday bash to go hunting for Goblin’s hallowed (and protected) Great Owl. But the North Woods are unkind at night.

PRESTO In the pages of Presto magazine, a young boy reads that his favorite magician, Roman Emperor, is coming to town. Problem is, Pete doesn’t know that Emperor's magic is real, and his latest trick involves audience participation... from a little boy volunteer.

A MIX-UP AT THE ZOO Dirk Rogers works at both the Goblin Slaughterhouse and the Goblin Zoo, but the workload is really getting to him. Will he be able to separate the two jobs on the night he finally breaks down, or will the slaughterhouse and the zoo overlap in his cracked, dark mind?

THE HEDGES A young girl finally reaches the end of Goblin’s biggest tourist attraction, The Hedges. But what she finds there sparks a mad chase between the owner of the Hedges and the Goblin Police, through the streets of the rainy city and into the terrible North Woods.

Welcome to the town of Goblin. May your night there be wet with rain, breathless with adventure, and filled with fright...

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Release date: October 2017
Genres: horror
Updated: October 02, 2017

Earthling Halloween Series :: Series

From the website of Earthling Publications:


This series of books celebrates Publisher Paul Miller's favorite holiday. Each October, as the air turns colder and leaves fall off the trees, Earthling will release one novel of flat-out horror, usually featuring classic terrors such as monsters and haunted houses rather than psychological suspense or real-life horrors. The dustjacket spine will feature a pumpkin with the series number of the book. MR. DARK'S CARNIVAL was an ultra-short run of only 15 handmade hardcovers, and therefore BLOOD RED was counted as Book #1 in the series.

The perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit!

Titles in the Earthling Halloween Series

#0: Mr. Dark's Carnival by Glen Hirshberg
#1: Blood Red by James A. Moore
#2: The Unblemished by Conrad Williams
#3: The Haunted Forest Tour by James A. Moore and Jeff Strand
#4: Moontown by Peter Atkins
#5: October Dark by David Herter
#6: By Wizard Oak by Peter Crowther
#7: Blood Harvest by James A. Moore
#8: Motherless Child by Glen Hirshberg
#9: The Bones of You by Gary McMahon
#10: The Halloween Children by Brian James Freeman and Norman Prentiss
#11: Rage Master by Simon Clark
#12: They Say a Girl Died Here Once by Sarah Pinborough
#13: Goblin by Josh Malerman
#14: Bloodlines by James A. Moore
#15: One Who Was with Me by Conrad Williams
#16: The Boys in the Valley by Philip Fracassi

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Blood Red (Earthling Halloween Series #1)
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