Fabulous Harbours (The Second Ether, #2)
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Fabulous Harbours

by Michael Moorcock
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories

...continues the adventures of the von Bek Family, of Captain Quelch and Sundry Other Characters from Blood: A Southern Fantasy.

Fabulous Harbours explores the myths and dictats by which the twentieth century lives with Rose von Bek – the Angel of Sporting Club Square herself. She will escort you across a world as fabulous and exotic as any you could ever wish to visit. She moves from the high seas to the far Sahara, seeking the Grail in a thousand forms, encountering among others the Wandering Jew and the famous Clapham Antichrist...

  • The Retirement of Jack Karaquazian (1995)
  • The White Pirate (1994)
  • Some Fragments Found in the Effects of Sam Oakenhurst (1995)
  • The Black Blade's Summoning (1994)
  • Lunching with the Antichrist (1993)
  • The Affair of the Seven Virgins (1994)
  • The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade (1966)
  • Crimson Eyes (1994)
  • No Ordinary Christian (1995)
  • The Enigma Windows (1995)
  • Epilogue: Birds of the Moon (1995)
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