The Shadows

by Jordan Acker
Release date: April 2014
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy

The Shadows is a compelling fantasy tale set thousands of years in the future, after the destruction of Earth. Mankind survived and dispersed throughout the many civilizations of the Illumenal Galaxy. After years of humanity's presence among the Illumenal systems, the corrupt Balithian government waged a genocidal war against Earth's descendants and their allies. The gruesome war proceeded for two years, and the fighting primarily transpired on the planet of Genisis until the Balithian forces were finally defeated. A decade after the conflict originated, a famed assassin known publicly as Red Blaze, makes an attempt on the life of a beloved political figure. Questions are raised of the motive being linked to the war brought on by the Balithians, and actions are taken to bring the criminal to justice. It is through these actions that an epic journey is undergone by a band of agents as they search for answers. Skilled veterans from across the galaxy, these agents are hired to find Red Blaze and his employer, by any means necessary. A sense of mystery evolves as the layers of this larger-than-life story are slowly and methodically unveiled. For every lovable character that is presented there is another on the opposite side of the spectrum, creating truly dramatic interactions from start to finish. Relationships are built, tears are cried, lies are made, and blood is spilt in this sensational quest across the darkest parts of the universe, the shadows.

updated 2017-08-30

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