100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed)

Nate Crowley
science fiction, fantasy
100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed) - Nate Crowley

From 1980s hits like Star Trek: Bee on the Bridge, right through to modern classics like 90s Goth Soccer and BinCrab Destiny, this high-end retrospective takes the reader on a lavish tour of the most memorable and groundbreaking games never to have been made.

Painstakingly illustrated by a team of genuine industry artists, and written by professional over-imaginer Nate Crowley, this book doesn’t just throw out silly ideas - it expands on them in relentless and excruciating detail.

As well as the 100 games featured, articles throughout the book examine an entire fictional history of games, with hundreds more existentially challenged titles referenced.

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Release date: September 2017
Genres: science fiction, fantasy
Tags: humor
Updated September 10, 2017